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HiFi Club   purveyors of effortless access to everything amazing    805.962.2525    519 Garden Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

California Contractors License Number 790942

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“HiFi Club can take something complex and make it simple – that’s real genius!”    Rune Eliasen, client
Welcome to the HiFi Club. We are a highly regarded custom electronics contractor based in Santa Barbara, California. Working largely by referrals from our clients for over 25 years, we have provided outstanding home entertainment and automation systems for residences and commercial spaces. Fully licensed, our staff is factory trained, CEDIA and ISF certified, award winning, and passionate about their work. We consult, design and install, in new construction or remodeling projects, for indoors and outdoors. We stand behind our work and we service what we sell. HiFi Club is known for excellent home theaters and media rooms, multi-room music systems, video distribution systems, audiophile listening rooms, audio visual training and meeting rooms, electronic gaming rooms, electronic control systems and home automation.