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HiFi Club Security Surveillance Installation Services 

Your Home's Security is Our Priority

With over thirty years in Santa Barbara, our certified technicians have the expertise to install high-quality surveillance camera systems for your peace of mind when you are home or away.

Whether you’re in the Kitchen or on the other side of the world, you can view entrances, gate stations, kids playing in the pool, the baby's room, or anywhere else you wish to monitor. Adding a recorder gives you the ability to check events that occurred when you weren’t actively watching.


Advanced video analytics allow you to start recordings, trigger alerts, or even integrate responses to your smart home system.

Camera types include pan-tilt-zoom, dome, bullet, hidden, thermal, and more.


Call HiFi Club for a free consultation to determine a customized plan for your home.

 With a complimentary consultation at your home, we will help you determine:

 - How many cameras you might need

 - The optimum location for each surveillance camera

 - The ideal camera type for your needs 


*We DO NOT offer security monitoring.

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