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Make your home entertainment central, with media distribution of music and video at your fingertips throughout your house and your outdoor living areas.



Whole house music systems by HiFi Club create seamless environments of rich and clear surround sound without ruining the décor and function of your room. Sometimes called “distributed audio”,  these systems allow a single stack of components to fill a whole house with the same music, or play different selections in different rooms at the same time. Most audio components, with their many wires and connectors, can be placed in professional quality equipment racks and located in a closet, cabinet, or mechanical room, to keep them out of sight and allow easy service. Small, simple controls in each room allow complete access to your favorite tunes. We can install in wall speakers inside and outside your home so that your music can play throughout your environment.

HOME VIDEO INTEGRATION everywhere, anytime....

Imagine each person in your home can watch their favorite movies without having many separate video boxes and wires. The components for distributing different video and TV to multi locations within your home can be in one, tidy location. 

Formerly known as “watching TV”, video systems are now used for entertainment, education, advertising and social connections. HiFi Club video systems engineers keep up on the latest proven technologies and help clients effortlessly enjoy everything amazing in the marketplace. Multi-room video systems are a great solution for larger homes and office suites since a single stack of components can receive, store and deliver content to numerous TV's simultaneously. 

In wall speakers, music and video distributed throughout the home.

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